ISBN 9780070583245,Investment Banking : An Odyssey In High Finance

Investment Banking : An Odyssey In High Finance



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780070583245

ISBN-10 0070583242


Number of Pages 1208 Pages
Language (English)


This book is a contemporary treatise on Investment Banking in the Indian Context and describes the service areas with a balance of theoretical and practical aspects. In addition, it has been written keeping in mind necessary discussions on financial and capital market concepts and different financial instruments used in the capital market. The focus is on the service delivery of investment banks in three key areas ? (a) Management of Public Offers (b) Raising capital through Private placements and (c) Corporate Advisory Services. The Book has been divided into four parts Part - I of the book deals exclusively with the overview of the capital market in general, primary equity and debt markets in particular and on introduction to the service areas of investment banking. Extensive discussion is provided on architecture of the capital market and its administrative mechanisms, evolution and industry structure of investment banking globally and in India, anatomy of leading investment banks, primary market offers and instruments in equity and debt and the various types of investors and investing mechanisms in the primary market. Part - II deals exclusively with various types of public offers and the role of the investment banker therein, Initial Public Offers, Rights Issues and Follow on Offers, Overseas Capital Market Offers, Exit Offers and Private Placements have been dealt with exhaustively both from equity and debt standpoint. The discussions are provided with extensive coverage of the SEBI Guidelines and other statutory provisions under various laws concerning the securities market. The theoretical, strategic and procedural aspects have been covered in great detail so as to provide a complete perspective from an academic and practitioner?s standpoint. Part - III deals with the entire gamut of corporate advisory services provided by investment banks, Extensive discussion is provided on all key advisory services, namely, Business Advisory, Project Advisory, Financial Restructuring Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions advisory and Government Advisory. Business Advisory includes discussion on corporate structuring, joint ventures, foreign collaborations and cross-border investments. In the chapter on project advisory, the complete perspective on project financing has been provided along with details of the framework of institutional financing and policy guidelines. Financial Restructuring of debt and equity capital has been discussed at length under the current framework of law and policy. The chapter on M&A discusses the complete gamut of corporate restructuring, mergers and amalgamations, acquisitions and takeovers. The discussion on government advisory focuses on policy advisory and disinvestment advisory services for the Government. Part - IV provides important extracts from public offer documents and shareholder communications for various types of public offers and other corporate transactions. It also contains additional coverage of recent capital market statistics and a complete discussion on fundamental financial concepts. The discussions across the book are laced with suitable graphical representations, tables, case lets, illustrations and detailed Indian corporate case studies from recent years.