ISBN 9788190944120,Is The World Becoming Spherical - World Economic Changes In Next Few Years

Is The World Becoming Spherical - World Economic Changes In Next Few Years



Rainbow Publishers

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788190944120

ISBN-10 8190944126


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)


The reader does not have to know economics to understand the changes in the world, family, community, cities and country. Thirteen indicators trying to bring about permanent changes in our world have been identified by the author. This book explains in layman's language what's happening in India and World Economies around us. The integration and globalization achieved over the past few decades making the world 'flat' look to be turning 'spherical' again as edges, peaks and troughs have started showing. The forces which made the business world flat have started showing signs of discontinuities. Would the discontinuities in the forces that created and sustained a flattened business world, create a 'spherical' world? How economic nationalism, rise of middle class, shift in consumption patterns, emergence of economies like China and India, importance of productivity, change in marketing style, return of 'small and functional' and many other factors silently changing our business world? The purpose of the book is to inform laymen, the Industry leaders, CEO's, business managers, political leaders, bureaucrats and students about silent changes happening and the future trends towards making our world 'spherical' again, in a simple way.