ISBN 9781259028304,Jack's Business

Jack's Business



Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259028304

ISBN-10 1259028305


Number of Pages 246 Pages
Language (English)

Business ethics

The world of finance, as big as it sounds, is an extremely competitive and testosterone-driven environment, and when a world that has it all meets with a guy who wants it all, its mayhem unleashed. So meet Jack, your average finance psychopath who, in his constant quest to be at the top, drains out and shatters what had begun to become one of the successful hedge funds in its segment. Jack's Business is based on a true story and puts across the finance business in a nutshell, demystifying the myths revolving around its power, glamour, egos and lust. "This is truly hilarious story of the battle between arrogance and skills in the financial industry." Daniel J. Penseyres Chief Investment Officer, HSBC Private Bank (Monaco) Former CEO, Bank of China Fund Management SA (Geneva) Former Managing Partner, Bedrock Alternative Asset Management SA "Finally book describing with a great sense of humor and financial technical knowledge, the madness and the malicious spirit behind the curtains of the financial scene." Tim Taylor Former Head, Middle East Emirates NBD Former MD, LCF Rotschild Former CMO, Merrill Lynch Intl. UK