ISBN 9781259006593,Java Fundamentals

Java Fundamentals



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259006593

ISBN-10 125900659X


Number of Pages 1068 Pages
Language (English)
This book teaches the fundamentals of programming by way of the Java language. It assumes no prior programming experience and begins with the basics, such as how to compile and run a Java program. Next, it discusses the keywords, operators, and constructs that form the Java language. The book also covers several parts of the Java Application Programming Interface (API) library, including Swing, which is the framework used to create programs that have a graphical user interface (GUI), and the Collections Framework, which is used to store collections of objects. In short, this book is intended as a comprehensive introduction to Java. Like most computer languages, Java has evolved over time. At the time of this writing, the latest version is Java 7 (JDK 7), and this is the version of Java covered by this book. However, most of the material is also applicable to other recent versions of Java, such as version 6. This Online Learning Center is designed to enhance the learning. It provides the resources which will benefit both the instructors and students. Visit the Information Center to unravel the book's features. The Student’s Center contains Programming Codes. The Instructor’s Center provides instructors with Instructor's Manual, Instructor's Notes, PowerPoint Lectures Slides and Supplementary Exercises with Solutions. This part of the site is password protected and will be available only to the instructors who adopt the book. If you are an adopter and require a password, contact your Tata McGraw-Hill representative.