ISBN 9788126554140,JavaScript and jQuery for Data Analysis and Visualization

JavaScript and jQuery for Data Analysis and Visualization



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788126554140

ISBN-10 8126554142


Number of Pages 476 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

JavaScript and jQuery for Data Analysis and Visualization shows web designers and developers how they can put the power and flexibility of modern JavaScript libraries to work to analyze data and then present it using best-of-breed visualizations. The author demonstrates the use of each technique with real-world use cases, showing how to apply the appropriate JavaScript and jQuery libraries to achieve the desired visualization. Upwards of 50 different coding tools will be incorporated, including a number of custom routines developed by the author.
The beauty of numbers made visible
Working with javaScript for analysis
Visualizing data programmatically
Interactive analysis and visualization projects
About the Author
Jon Raasch is a freelance web developer and author of several books. A user-experience junkie, he builds HTML5 and JavaScript apps for desktop and mobile devices. Graham Murray is a software architect specializing in building UI development tools. Vadim Ogievetsky is a data flow processor at Meta markets, where he works with data visualization framework development. Joseph Lowery is a professional web designer and online trainer with courses on website and app creation as well as data visualization.
Table of contents :-

Part I: The Beauty of Numbers Made Visible
The World of Data Visualization
Working with the Essentials of Analysis
Building a Visualization Foundation

Part II: Working with Javascript for Analysis
Integrating Existing Data
Acquiring Data Interactively
Validating Your Data
Examining and Sorting Data Tables
Statistical Analysis on the Client Side

Part III: Visualizing Data Programmatically
Exploring Charting Tools
Building Custom Charts With Raphael
Introducing D3
Incorporating Symbols
Mapping Global, Regional and Local Data
Charting Time Series with Ignite Ui Ig data chart

Part IV: Interactive Analysis and Visualization Projects
Building An Interconnected Dashboard
D3 in Practice