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Joseph Andrews


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Penguin UK

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780140433869

ISBN-10 0140433864


Number of Pages 389 Pages
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Joseph Andrews, Henry Fielding`s first full length novel, depicts the many colourful and often hilarious adventures of a comically chaste servant. After being sacked for spurning the lascivious Lady Booby, Joseph takes to the road, accompained by his beloved Fanny Goodwill, a much-put-upon foundling girl, and Parson Adams, a man often duped and humiliated but still a model of christian charity. In the boisterous short tale Shamela, a brilliant parody of Richardson`s Pamela, the spirited and sexually honest heroine uses coyness and mock modesty to catch herself a rich husband.Judith Hawley`s introduction compares the works of Fielding and Richardson, and discusses sex and class elations, and the literary and political world of the time. This volume also includes a chronology and suggestions for furthur reading. About Author : Henry Fielding was born in Sharpham Park, Somerset, in 1707, the son of an army officer of aristocratic descent and profligate ways. In 1725 he was bound over to keep the peace after attempting to abduct an heiress. He was educated privately at first, then at Eton, and from 1728 to 1729 at Leyden University. H ewent to London in 1728 and published his first literary works, a satirical poem The Masquerade, and a comedy, Love in Several Masques. Fielding began his career as a novelist in 1741 with Shamela. Contents : Acknowledgements Introduction Chronology Suggestions for furthur reading Note on the texts Shamela