ISBN 9788129105875,Journeys Through Babudom And Netaland: Governance In India

Journeys Through Babudom And Netaland: Governance In India


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788129105875

ISBN-10 812910587X


Number of Pages 358 Pages
Language (English)


JOURNEYS THROUGH BABUDOM AND NETALAND:Governance in India provides an insider view into the functioning of the Indian judiciary and administration system. Summary Of The Book Few people can claim to know in detail, the working and pitfalls of the Indian administration. Those privileged enough to know hardly ever divulge insider information. T. S. R. Subramanian on the other hand, being a patriot that he is, pours his heart out as he lends the readers a peek through his eyes into the intricacies of governance in India. JOURNEYS THROUGH BABUDOM AND NETALAND:Governance in India is full of anecdotes from the writer's own experience as a bureaucrat. He paints a sad, forlorn picture of how the whole political system and its resources in India is little more than a tool used to fulfill the whims and fancies of those sitting at the top. T. S. R. Subramanian describes how the average 'neta', or politician in the country is corrupt, and used to blatantly abusing his/her power. He mentions that in his four decades of experience, he has only come across only a handful of politicians who are actually honest. Similarly, the average 'babu' or bureaucrat is rude, arrogant, and too busy brown nosing their masters to be of any help to the public. The author describes many incidents, drawn straight from memory which portray the astounding level of degradation in the Indian political system in a largely humorous manner, which makes the book a delight for anyone looking for an enjoyable read. About T. S. R. Subramanian T. S. R. Subramanian is an Indian civil servant and former cabinet secretary. He has had a distinguished career in the Indian Administrative Service. He has penned one other book, called Govern Mint in India : In Inside View. His work is typically characterised by anecdotes, biographical accounts, and a humorous presentation of the subject. T. S. R. Subramanian belongs to the 1961 batch of IAS. He has studied at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London and holds a Master's degree from both Calcutta University and Harvard University. He is also the founder and current chancellor of Shiv Nadar University.