ISBN 9781422158111,Judgment Calls: 12 Stories Of Big Decisions And The Teams That Got Them Right

Judgment Calls: 12 Stories Of Big Decisions And The Teams That Got Them Right



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781422158111

ISBN-10 142215811X


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)


What's the story behind great decisions? Is decision making the responsibility of one leader, or should it rest on the shoulders of the collective team? In Judgment Calls, authors Tom Davenport and Brook Manville share twelve stories of organizations that have successfully tapped the diverse perspectives and deep knowledge of their people to build an organizational decision-making capability -- a competence the authors say can make the difference between success and failure. We know great decisions depend on judgment calls -- and in today's fast- moving world, there's more pressure than ever to make quicker decisions. Through the stories in Judgment Calls, the authors -- a seasoned duo of management thinkers and advisors -- make the case for the wisdom of organizations and provide guidance for making better use of it. Each chapter is an engaging tale of one dilemma and how it was solved, which brings into high relief one key element of collective judgment. Individually, the stories inspire and instruct; together, they add up to a model for building an organizational capacity. You've read The Wisdom of Crowds. Now read Judgment Calls. You, and your organization, will benefit. Review "Provides a convincing illustration...laying out a usable the area of collaborative decision making." CIO Digest About the Authors Thomas H. Davenport is a leading management thinker and a professor at Babson College. He is the author of eleven books, including Competing on Analytics. [DOVER, MA] Brook Manville is an independent consultant, and has previously served as CLO for Saba Software and the United Way of America. She was also formerly the chief knowledge officer at McKinsey & Company