ISBN 9781426302503,Jump Into Science: Moon

Jump Into Science: Moon



National Geographic Society

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781426302503

ISBN-10 1426302509


Number of Pages 32 Pages
Language (English)

The Moon

Have you heard that the Moon is made of green cheese? Or that the appearance of the full moon can turn you into a wolf? And how about that Man on the Moon?
If you believe any of these old Moon myths, then you need to get your facts straight--straight from a Moonstruck cat and his firefly pal, that is. These two characters have the real facts, and they're just as intriguing: Why does the Moon seem to change shape? What is it made of? Who were the men on the Moon, and what did they find there? Let this fun-loving feline and his bright friend show you around huge lunar craters, Moon dust, rocks, and footprints, and give you the solar system's best view of planet Earth. Take the challenge--Jump Into Science today and let this astronomically knowledgeable duo fly you to the Moon tonight.
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