ISBN 9788129119247,Kamasutra : The Art Of Love In Ancient Urban India

Kamasutra : The Art Of Love In Ancient Urban India


Aditi Singh


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788129119247

ISBN-10 8129119242


Number of Pages 64 Pages
Language (English)


Kamasutra: The Art Of Love In Ancient Urban India is based on the philosopher Vatsyayana's popular work regarding the nature of love. It dealt with concepts like courtship and chivalry and also served as an inspiration for Mughal royals. The book narrates the ancient traditions and customs and explains why it still retained its popularity both in India and the West. This ancient text did not just deal with eroticism but also provided the Western world a glimpse into the lifestyle and culture of the old times in India. In this book, readers will find illustrations not present in the original text. The book begins with an introduction to Vatsyayana. Kamasutra: The Art Of Love In Ancient Urban India provides details about Vatsyayana's life. Scholars state he lived between 8 and 1 BCE, a time when Sanskrit literature flourished in India. His work was then translated in the 19th century by Sir Richard Burton. It was introduced to the West while it was still a taboo topic. The author mentions the oddity of such a text going uncensored in India. However, she goes on to state that ancient Indian society was not clouded by the beliefs and norms of the present day. Such texts abounded in India years before they were deemed acceptable in the West. This paperback was published in 2012 by Rupa Publications India. Key Features: This book contains colourful illustrations. It helps readers understand how the concept of love was viewed in ancient Indian society.