ISBN 9789381394144,Kasturi




Hind Yugm

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381394144

ISBN-10 9381394148


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (Hindi)


Kasturi, The Musk is within the Musk Deer's naval, but it keeps on searching the whole forest for it. We humans are also ignorant.

With God residing within us, we run around in search of him. Introspect yourself & you will find all answers within you

What happens when a Group of 24 poets, each carrying his or her essence inside awesome words, meanings and quotes join hands and get together...

They Create Magic in Poetry.

Kasturi is the blend of all these highly talented poets who touch each nuance and touch all that life has to offer.

All the seeking that one ever needs to do inside ones mind; Kasturi is a beautiful journey inside the Self.

List of Poets:
1. Ajay Devgire
2. Amit Anand Pandey
3. Anand Dwivedi
4. Kumar Rahul Tiwari
5. Gunjan Agarwal
6. Gurmeet Singh
7. Jeasbe Gurjeet Singh
8. Dr. Vandana Singh
9. Neelima Sharma
10. Neelam Puri
11. Pallavi Saxena
12. Bodmita
13. Meenakshi Mishra Tiwari
14. Mukesh Giri Goswami
15. Rajat Srivastava
16. Rashmi Prabha
17. Rahul Singh
18. Ria
19. Vandna Gupta
20. Vani Sharma
21. Shikha Varshney
22. Harvinder Saluja
23. Anju (ANU) Chaudhary
24. Mukesh Kumar Sinha