ISBN 9788185616209,Kavyasangraha : An Anthology of Sanskrit Poems

Kavyasangraha : An Anthology of Sanskrit Poems



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 1993

ISBN 9788185616209

ISBN-10 8185616205

Hard Back

Number of Pages 1580 Pages
Language (English)


The Kavyasangraha is an anthology of chiefly minor Sanskrit poems belonging to variety of genres, such as lyrical poems of love, sandesa-kavya, hymns, devotional poems, didactic poems, philosophical poems, etc. The anthology comprises a representative collection of such poems of each genre. One therefore finds in it Govardhana???s Aryasaptasati, Sankaracarya???s Anandalahari, Atmabodha and Gangastaka, Srirupagosvamin???s Uddhava-sandesa, Bhartrhari???s three centuries etc. It presents a colourful spectrum of Sanskrit literature so as to include the srutabodha an easy manual of prosody ascribed to Kalidasa, Dharmadasa???s Vidagdha-mukhamandana, a book of intelligent riddles, two treatises on poetics, Jayadeva???s Ratimanjari and Bhanudatta???s Rasamanjari. The anthology compiled by Pandit Jibananda Vidyasagar of Calcutta, the illustrious commentator and publisher of innumerable Sanskrit works in late nineteenth century. He not only complied the anthology but also wrote a brief lucid commentary on each of the work contained in it. The anthology, though out of print for several decades, still has relevance to the present generation of lovers of Sanskrit