ISBN 9789381431009,Khushwant Singh on Women, Sex, Love and Lust

Khushwant Singh on Women, Sex, Love and Lust


Hay House



Hay House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789381431009

ISBN-10 9381431000


Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories

Summary Of The Book:- Khushwant Singh on Women, Sex, Love And Lust is an anthology that brings together some of the best writings of the living legend Khushwant Singh. This famous Indian writer and journalist is known for presenting his liberal views on women, sex, love, and lust Each of the writings included in this book is a masterpiece in its own sense. Anybody who is on a quest to find out answers to some of the most eternal, and yet often unanswered questions will find this book interesting, innovative, and quite informative. Singh presents his own exposé on what came first, love or lust, and his views on arranged marriages, chastity, and celibacy.

The book consists of a variety of writings of the famous novelist. Here, the author analyses the fine line between erotica, obscenity, and pornography. He presents description of sex as depicted by Chaturbhani from the era of 200-350 B.C.

One of the salient features of the writings provided in this book is the fact that even before the terms like ‘gender divide’ were being used popularly, Khushwant Singh was already writing about it. After reading his deliberations, one gets to see another and rather unexpected side of Khushwant Singh. Here, the readers will also get a glimpse of the feminist that resides in the author’s heart.

Khushwant Singh on Women, Sex, Love And Lust is loaded with not only Indian but also foreign legends, myths, poems, and proverbs. The citations range from Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Whitman to Faiz, Iqbal, and Kalidas. The reader gets a treasure of delectable quotes from great writers like Wodehouse and Russell.

About Khushwant Singh:- Khushwant Singh is a living Indo-Anglian legend who is a famous journalist, columnist, and novelist.He writes weekly column "With Malice towards One and All" that gets published in various Indian newspapers. He has authored several books such as Train to Pakistan, The History of Sikhs, The Sikhs Today, Black Jasmine, Delhi, Tragedy of Punjab, We Indians, The Company of Women, Women and Men in My Life, and The Sunset Club. Besides these, he has written several stories, short stories, and poems. Some of the famous short story collections include Portrait of a Lady, Success Mantra, The Mark of Vishnu and Other Stories, and A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories etc.

Born on the 2nd of February, 1915, Khushwant Singh is famously known for his humor, an abiding love of poetry, and his trenchant secularism. He completed his education from St. Stephen's College in Delhi and King's College, London. Later he also read for the Bar at the Inner Temple. Besides being a writer, he has also worked as an editor with numerous news and literary magazines. He has also been a member of the Rajya Sabha for a few years. He has been honored with several awards for his contributions including the Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, and Sahitya academy fellowship award.