ISBN 9788122308488,Know the Vedas at a Glance

Know the Vedas at a Glance


Dr. Rajkumar


Pustak Mahal



Pustak Mahal

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788122308488

ISBN-10 8122308481


Number of Pages 133 Pages
Language (English)

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Know The Vedas At A Glance introduces the reader to India's and the world's oldest scriptures, the Vedas. It helps the reader understand the Vedic principles and relate them to today's world. Summary Of The Book Considered to be the world's oldest scriptures, the Vedas are India's heritage in the truest sense. Known to have passed on directly from God to humanity, they spell out the guiding principles for a better living for people of all walks of life. The Vedic messages have something to offer for everybody, be it a scientist, an educationist, a politician, a professional or a parent. Understanding and following these Vedic principles promises a person a happy, healthy and prosperous life. They also help in dismissing many superstitions and myths. The Vedas are a rich source of knowledge in dealing with problems related to various social, economic and political aspects of life. Know The Vedas At A Glance gives its readers a clear understanding of the Vedas and an insight on their application in everyday life. The book starts off with an introduction on the origin and the spirit of the Vedas. It then details each of the four Vedas, starting with the Rig veda which contains hymns that are sung in praise of all Gods. It also spells out the tenets for a better way of living. The Yajur veda describes the rituals and procedures of conducting a Yajna or sacrifice. The Sama veda guides the reader on winning over an enemy on the grounds of love and pacifying words. The Atharva veda consists of a number of spells and incantations that help in warding off evil influences, hardship and aid in the destruction of an enemy. Know The Vedas At A Glance helps the reader understand some of the scientific principles from a Vedic perspective. It also has an introduction to Vedic mathematics, the art of warfare, the correlation between Vedic religion and the Indian society and a lot more. About Raj Kumar Raj Kumar is an author, teacher and researcher. A few of his other notable books are Pearls Of Wisdom For Everyday Living, From Darkness To Light and The Secrets Of Health And Healing. An alumnus of Kurukshetra University, Kumar earned a degree in law from Delhi University and has also completed many courses from JNU on international politics. In addition, he studied Yogic research methods at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Centre, Bangalore. Kumar worked for the Haryana Education Service for three years from 1970 and then went onto take up the post of Deputy Director at the Indian Council of Historical Research, where he worked until 1999. He has presented his research papers at various national and international conferences. Currently, he serves the Supreme Court Bar Association as its member.