ISBN 9788126537181,Leadership By Choice

Leadership By Choice


Eric Papp



Collins Business-Wiley

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788126537181

ISBN-10 8126537183


Number of Pages 190 Pages
Language (English)


Chances are you dont have the time or energy to focus intently on each choice you make. All too often, we rush our decisions and strain our relationships by not thinking clearly or communicating properly. But the best leaders develop a system for reflecting on ideas and hold themselves accountable for every choice they make. In Leadership By Choice, author Eric Papp outlines the key strategies no filler, no fluff for leaders to excel by connecting with others and establishing strong decision-making skills. Leadership By Choice offers you the tools you need to make a conscious choice to positively influence those around you by managing yourself and leading others. This fast-paced, volatile business climate requires leaders who can keep cool, inspire others to adhere to high standards, produce excellent work, and continuously raise their game. This book delivers the tips you need to lead no matter your position, build high trust teams, and even inspire accountability among the entitles members of Generation Y. Leadership By Choice shares proven techniques that will help you achieve results in these critical areas of development. Communication: Listen to your clients, ask good open-ended questions, and find out how your service or product can be of value to them Leading Teams: Establish trust and hold people accountable Productivity: Develop a focused work approach that others admire and follow, leading to stellar results Personal Development: Discover the key ingredient to accomplishing your goals and the importance of silence To be a strong leader, your challenge is to find creative ways to be productive and speak with influence. Loaded with actionable strategies and compelling ideas, Leadership By Choice offers a new road map for becoming a leader people want to follow. About the Author ERIC PAPP is the founder and CEO of Results-Based Seminars, LLC, and a professional leadership trainer and consultant. He has delivered more than 350 professional training programs to corporate and private clients. His client list includes Nationwide Insurance, Lockheed Martin, Huntsman Corporation, and many more. He has been quoted in the New York Times, USA Today, the Dallas Morning News, and many other publications. TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1 Communication Chapter 1 Listen Like Leitha Chapter 2 Speaking with Influence Chapter 3 The Importance of Questions PART 2 Leading Teams Chapter 4 The Abdication of Accountability Chapter 5 Building a High-Trust Team Chapter 6 Leading in Any Position Chapter 7 Leading the Entitlement Generation PART 3 Productivity Chapter 8 Prioritize for Productivity Chapter 9 Fourth Quarter Living Decision Making Chapter 10 The Power of Focus PART 4 Personal Development Chapter 11 Finding Strength in Silence Chapter 12 Rewards of Self-Discipline About the Author

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