ISBN 9788129108210,Learn, Think And Predict Through Astrology

Learn, Think And Predict Through Astrology


C.P. Arora


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Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788129108210

ISBN-10 8129108216


Number of Pages 231 Pages
Language (English)


Learn, Think and Predict through Astrology has been compiled by the author based on thorough research and his vast experience in the field of astrology. The book discusses how grahas (planets), rashis (signs), bhavas (houses) and nakshatras (constellations) together govern our purpose and the course of our future. It also teaches you how to make birth-charts, called the janma-kundali, which augurs what future has in store for the person. Also, it offers remedies to physical, material, emotional and spiritual problems, and helps readers to lead a more rewarding and fruitful life. About C. P. Arora Professor C.P. Arora is a former Dean, Head of the Department and Professor of IIT. He holds a Ph.D. (Engineering). He has been engaging himself in spiritual practices, counselling, Pranic healing, Reiki, and astrological advice for several years now. Arora also dedicates major part of his time to personality development.