ISBN 9788185002330,Legend of Ram : Antiquity to Janmabhumi Debate

Legend of Ram : Antiquity to Janmabhumi Debate



Bibliophile South Asia

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788185002330

ISBN-10 8185002339

Hard Back

Number of Pages 261 Pages
Language (English)

Social Sciences

In this succinct book, Sanujit Ghose draws on a wide array of primary and secondary sources to examine the legend of Ram. Variations of this story can be found in the Vedas, and early Iranian and Babylonian epics. Myths relating to Ram traveled around the continents over many centuries until they reached India with the ascent of the pastoral civilisation. There are more than two hundred Ramayanas spread over the whole of South and South-east Asia, besides tens of thousands of folktales associated with the "Ram" story. From escalating Muslim invasions around the eleventh century AD unto the appearance of Tulasidas in the sixteenth century, the process of deification of Ram continued.