ISBN 9788122204889,Life Changers: Dreamers and Doers

Life Changers: Dreamers and Doers



Orient Paperbacks

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788122204889

ISBN-10 8122204880


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

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I am often asked what are the most impressive, informative and inspirational books I have ever read, and what books have I been reading this year? I answer both the questions in one word; 'Persons'. I watch people. I learn from them. I 'read' people's word and their work, their play and their prayer. I read their hurts and their hopes, their successes and their failures, their dreams and their disappointments, their sin and their salvation. I 'read' them as I listen to them while we sit and have fellowship; while they deliberate, debate or dictate. In doing so their life story is unfolded. In doing so I am reading the books that haven't been written yet. This is one such book. A book of dreamers and doers; of faith builders, the optimism generators, the 'let's-make-it-happen' people.' - Robert H Schuller FROM THE BOOK You May Be a Late Bloomer A student from a wealthy family barely made it through Harrow, a very famous English undergraduate school. His family wanted him to attend a very prestigious university upon his graduation from Harrow, but the young boy had to be tutored three times by a private tutor before he could even get into the upper-level-school. 'I don't believe this child went through Harrow,' the learned tutor exclaimed. 'I think he went under Harrow. He's just not very bright!' That student's name was Winston Churchill! There are lots of late bloomers, and if you've got courage, and you won't be discouraged if you come in second again and again and again someday you may well end up being Number One! But if you don't have courage, you will quit, and then you'll never succeed!