ISBN 9788120332485,Logic: Informal, Symbolic And Inductive

Logic: Informal, Symbolic And Inductive



Phi Learning Private Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788120332485

ISBN-10 8120332482


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 584 Pages
Language (English)

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The Second Edition of this text continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to Logic, a subject that is increasingly becoming popular among students. What distinguishes the text is its graded step-by-step approach to the subject, with informal logic forming the basis and Symbolic logic and Inductive logic forming the more advanced steps. The book also uses a hands-on approach to teaching of logic to induce self-learning, as shown in sections such as on how to create a truth table or a truth tree, on providing strategic tips for formal derivations, and on how to approach symbolization in predicate logic. The Appendices, including those on Indian logic and the nature of inference in Indian logic, are designed to create greater awareness about the extent and depth of the field among students. What's New To This Edition A new Appendix on Basic Set Theory. It covers all the fundamental concepts, principles and operations in Basic Set Theory. Some sections in Chapter 3 on Fallacies have been modified. Corrections/Modifications done wherever required. Key Features In-depth and extensive coverage of Predicate logic. Covers both Informal and Formal logic. Each section has many worked-out examples and exercises. Worked-out examples given in a step-by-step manner for easy compre-hension. Keywords at the end of each chapter. Intended primarily as a text for students of Philosophy, the book would also be useful to students of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering where Logic is offered as part of their course. Table of Contents Preface Preface to the First Edition Acknowledgements Introduction Part A: Informal Logic 1. Preliminaries 2. Informal Logic: Arguments 3. Informal Logic: Fallacies Part B: Symbolic Logic 4. Symbolic Logic: Introduction 5. Propositional Logic: Syntax and Symbolization 6. Propositional Logic: Semantics and Truth Tables 7. Propositional Logic: Truth Trees 8. Derivations 9. Aristotelian Syllogistic Logic 10. First Order Predicate Logic: Syntax and Symbolization 11. First Order Predicate Logic: Semantics 12. Predicate Logic: Derivation Part C: Induction 13. Inductive Reasoning 14. Argument by Analogy 15. Argument by Causal Reasoning 16. Probability and Induction 17. Science, Hypothesis, and Induction Appendices A. Logical Paradoxes B. Philosophical Controversy with 'if-then' C. Alternative Logics in Western System D. Metatheory E. Indian Logic F. Inference in the Nyaya System G. Dynamic Logic and Temporal Logic H. Basic Set Theory Solutions to Selected Exercises Index