ISBN 9780763647209,Look At You! A Baby Body Book / Eyes, Nose, Fingers And Toes / Does A Cow Say Boo

Look At You! A Baby Body Book / Eyes, Nose, Fingers And Toes / Does A Cow Say Boo


Candlewick Press



Candlewick Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780763647209

ISBN-10 0763647209


Number of Pages 64 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

LOOK AT YOU! Isn't it amazing what a body can do? An exuberant book for the littlest listeners.Wiggle, tickle, sneeze . . . and giggle! From learning to crawl to clapping their hands, babies are always doing something new. Kathy Henderson's lively poems, filled with action and sound words, are guaranteed to grab young children's attention. And Paul Howard's adorable, large-scale illustrations aptly capture babies' and toddlers' delight at exploring their own abilities and the world around them. Wow, what a body can do! EYES, NOSE, FINGERS AND TOES: From a wiggle of their shoulders to a stomp of their feet, a group of lovable toddlers joyfully explores the many ways to use their bodies. Lips can be made small for kissing, while arms can go up and down or reach out to hug those we love. Judy Hindley's jaunty text and Brita Granstr?m's playful illustrations are perfect for children as they begin to discover the wonders of their bodies and the joy of learning to move. DOES A COW SAY BOO? Does a toddler like to make animal sounds? Yes! Then follow Judy Hindley's multicultural crew of little ones to the farmyard, where they gleefully peek through fences, scratch dogs' bellies, cuddle cats, and celebrate the distinctive - and easily imitated - sound each animal makes.