Y.S Books International

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383793242

ISBN-10 9383793244


Number of Pages 267 Pages
Language (English)


Vikrant Shukla is a knowledge hungry, enthusiastic young writer who loves to explore and write on different genres. He is the bestselling author of English books-Call Centre:An Inside Story and The Wrong Chase. He is a bilingual author and his first Hindi novel `Sukoon` is published  and entertaining the readers and is already getting rave reviews. He is a dreamer and it reflects in his writing. He has a love for creativity and enjoys experimenting with his stories and characters. He is a paranormal expert and he easily catches the minutest of the details of the changing aura and he loves to explore the unseen. He also deals with Spiritual Counseling, Paranormal Counseling, Black Magic Counseling and Removal of the deadly Curses.This novel is an introduction to Satanism presented in the simplest form ever.It welcomes you to the dark word of Lucifer. It is an essence of intense research and will give a fair idea to the readers about Luciferianism.

Arpita, a studious grade seeking student from Pune University, finds it really hard to get a replacement for her old hard disk under a thousand bucks. But, when she finally finds a second-hand disk through the help of her friend, Shipra, she couldn’t help but notice that things in her life are no more as they used to be-the horrifying death of Anwar, the one who installed the disk, the presence of a mysterious, password protected folder in that disk, named ‘Billycan Hill’, and a presentation that vaguely mentions a location where one can travel through past and future. After numerous efforts, they finally locate this bizarre spot and decide to visit moghals empire to sell a few electronic items to these ancient people to make some money. But, Dobler, an ardent follower of Satan, bullies them to change their plans at the last moment. Finally, Arpita and her chaps end up in the Satanic era near the ‘Church of Satan’ in the pursuit of the mighty Ring of Beelzebub, and this is where the deadly game of lust and power begins.

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