ISBN 9789380914183,Love Happens only is just life

Love Happens only is just life



General Press Publisher

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380914183

ISBN-10 9380914180


Number of Pages 184 Pages
Language (English)


Love Happens Only Once...Rest Is Just Life starts in school, in the adolescent years. Rishi Sinha is preparing for his matriculation exams, but he is not too concerned about it. While his friends worry over their grades, he is busy flirting.
It is all just fun with him, and he is young enough not to be too serious about life. He flits from one girl to another, and does not believe in love. Until he finds that special girl.
He meets a girl named Ananya and they like each other. They become friends and keep in touch through Facebook. Rishi soon realizes that he might be in love with Ananya. He tells her so one day.
Ananya, however, knows about his irreverent attitude towards everything in life, and does not trust him. She refuses to take him seriously, and rejects him. Saddened and a little wiser, Rishi concentrates on his studies and gains admission into an engineering college. He tries to forget his hurt and seriously focuses on his studies.
Then, he meets another girl, Pragya, and falls in love once more. They begin to see a lot of each other, and seem to enjoy each other’s company. But, is Pragya really to be trusted? Someone warns Rishi about her, but he does not believe that person. Circumstances force Rishi to reexamine his loyalties and his beliefs. Just when things are going wrong in his life, he receives a lifeline from an unexpected quarter.
Love Happens Only Once...Rest Is Just Life is a sort of coming of age story, as the main character learns some hard lessons and matures over the course of the novel.
About Rochak Bhatnagar
Rochak Bhatnagar is an engineering student, and a writer.
He has written another book titled One Life, One Love.
Rochak Bhatnagar lives in Delhi. He studied at Amity International School. Currently, he is doing a degree course in Information Technology. Always an avid reader, writing is one of his main interests. His other interests include computer games and acting. Authors like Stephenie Meyer, Dan Brown and Nicholas Sparks have inspired him