ISBN 9789380349541,Love, Me And Bullshit!

Love, Me And Bullshit!



Srishti Publications Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380349541

ISBN-10 9380349548


Language (English)


Romal the protagonist of Love, Me And Bullshit! is a regular, small-town guy who like most his ilk aspires for the IIMs while working with a software company and simultaneously studying for the entrance exams. Eventually, he manages to crack the IIMs, starts his years as a student at the institute and takes off on a journey that is nothing unusual, yet one that is worth reading about. Love, Me And Bullshit! appeals because it is the story of most students in India who will relate to the incidents in Romal's life as he lives his struggles and his resulting philosophical but jovial attitude to life, sex and love. The book also talks about Romal's interactions with his family and how his life at the IIM changes when he meets Varsha. Romal likes her and he is smitten by her. Even as he answers the bigger questions life throws at him, he also starts handling the more delicate yet demanding sentiments that are attached to falling in love. Finally, Romal graduates, goes through the gruelling routine of finding a job and then settling into it when he finds one. But this is not the end, there are few more questions to be answered: Will Romal manage to fit into the new office environment? Will Varsha come back to him? Love, Me And Bullshit! does not have a new or unusual plot. Yet, it manages to strike a chord with the reader because it is a simple story of a journey told straight-from-the heart and seems real in most places. The book is a great blend of symbolic writing, coupled with some smooth narrative and enticing descriptions. The reader will not find it hard to relate to Romal because he shows the omnipresent inner conflict in all humans. The fact that the book weaves in witty and clever humour into situations makes it more alluring and the reader will not get bored till the end even when it gets a little serious and philosophical.