ISBN 9789380257082,Management Of Financial Market And Institutions: Theory & Practice

Management Of Financial Market And Institutions: Theory & Practice


Word Press



Word Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380257082

ISBN-10 9380257082


Number of Pages 404 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

With the ?democratization? of business education, a large number of students have entered the scene. They have a different level of aptitude and require a thorough, yet more lucid discussion on the subject matter of financial management. This is where this text comes into picture. This book has been penned in a very simple and lucid conversational style. The treatment of concepts has been done not to intimidate or exhibit the scholarship of the authors, but to encourage and sustain the interest of the students, in a language that is easily comprehensible.

Most of the finance texts pre-suppose a certain level of familiarity with accounting, business law etc. However, this book does not presuppose prior knowledge of these subjects. All background knowledge necessary for learning the subject matter has been readily provided, right within the main body of chapters for a seamless, uninterrupted learning experience.

Key Features
?Managerial Tool Kit? to help students apply their learning in real life situations
The book covers the academic as well as the practical aspects of finance very effectively as it is authored by a renowned academician and a practitioner.
Chapter Opening Vignette to provide a context to the learning ahead
Background reading boxes for providing necessary background for new learning
List of formulae in the very beginning for easy reference
Objective type questions in MCQ/ True-False format to help students check their understanding
Large number of solved numerical problems and illustrations
Adequate practice problems and review questions
Large number of case studies