ISBN 9780071078139,Managing Soft Skills For Personality Development

Managing Soft Skills For Personality Development



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780071078139

ISBN-10 0071078134


Number of Pages 308 Pages
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Development is sometimes defined as the process of expansion of human capabilities rather than materialistic acquisition and possession. The significance of personality development transcends beyond the individual domain and is now recognized as a critical component of corporate success. This is one of the reasons why the modern corporate sector is now engaged in soft skill development to make the hard skill endowment of its professionals more complete, effective and successful. In the labour-surplus economy of India, it is interesting to observe that while the demand for labour is growing rapidly, most of the unemployed labour cannot effectively be absorbed in productive occupations. Many of the unemployed labourers seeking opening in the labour market possess the necessary hard skill but are deficient in soft skill and the desirable personality pattern. As a matter of fact, soft skills and desirable personality traits have many things in common and they are complementary in nature, in spite of some minor nuances. The title of the book reflects an interlocking relationship between what seems to be the two apparently different domains. TABLE OF CONTENTS Prolegomena About the Contributors 1. Soft Skill Development: An Introductory Overview 2. Self-Discovery and Goal Setting 3. Belief, Values, Attitude and Virtue 4. Positive Thinking and Attitude 5. Motivation 6. Interpersonal Relations and Communications 7. Public Speaking 8. Group Discussion: Honing the Decision-Making Skill 9. Body Language 10. Teamwork and Leadership Quality 11. Towards an Effective Interview: Getting The Best of Both Worlds 12. Presentations 13. Etiquette and Manners 14. Time Management 15. Personality Development 16. Decision-Making 17. Conflict and Conflict Management 18. Stress Management 19. Leadership 20. Developing Emotional Intelligence