ISBN 9788129131478,Masterpieces Of World Fiction: Selected Stories

Masterpieces Of World Fiction: Selected Stories


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788129131478

ISBN-10 8129131471


Number of Pages 150 Pages
Language (English)

ELT literature & fiction readers

The Lonely Tigeris Essential Reading For Those Who Love The Wilderness.Valmik Thapar I Saw That He Was Staring Intently At A Leaf Blowing Over The Surface And Drifting Towards Him. When It Came Within Reach He Started To Dab At It With His Right Front Paw, But With A Touch So Gentle That His Pad Was The Merest Caress On The Tiny Tip Of Its Curled-Up Sail. From That Moment, I Always Called Him The Lonely Tiger. After Being Discharged From The British Armed Forces At The End Of The Second World War, Hugh Allen-And His Widowed Sister Babs-Decided On Impulse To Settle Down On An Estate In Mandikhera, An Obscure Village In Central India, Hoping To Live The Quiet Life Of A Farmer. But Even As His Crops Flourished, They Suffered The Attentions Of The Hungry Denizens Of The Surrounding Forest. Allen Was Thus Compelled To Take Up Arms To Defend His Crops And, Occasionally, The Villagers Of Mandikhera. The Lonely Tigerrecounts Allens Encounters With Animals Of All Kinds: Snappish Tigers In Heat; A Wounded, Angry Leopard; A Surly, Murderous Boar; Chattering, Helpful Monkeys; An Enraged Shebear Protecting Her Cubs; And A Melancholy Tiger That Has Lost His Family To Poachers. Hugh Allen Narrates His Adventures In Spare, Taut And Thrilling Prose Which Brings The Jungle-And The Hunt-To Pulsating Life. And While The Lonely Tigeris One Of The Best Shikar Books To Have Been Ever Written, It Is Also One Of The Earliest Appeals To Conserve Indias Rapidly Vanishing Wildlife. Appearing In Print After A Hiatus Of More Than Half A Century, The Lonely Tigeris A Must Read. Interesting Facts With A Foreword By Author And Publisher David Davidar, The Lonely Tigeris A Treasure House Of Thrilling Encounters That The Author Had With Wildlife In The Very Heart Of India. Back In Print After Many Years, This Is A Beautiful Hardback Edition Of One Of The Best Books Tohave Been Written About The Indian Tiger. Narrated In Allens Taut Yet Lyrical Prose, The Lonely Tigeris A Must-Read For All Those Interested In Indias Fauna. As One Of The Earliest Books To Appeal For The Conservation Of Indias Rich And Varied Wildlife, The Lonely Tiger Has Great Relevance In Todays Age Of Animals Being Poached And Endangered. About The Authorhugh Allen Served In The British Armed Forces During The Second World War But, When A Bad Head Wound Put Him Out Of Active Service In 1942, He Was Hospitalized In India. He Learnt To Love The Country And Took Up Farming Amongst The Jungles, Developing His Skills For Big-Game Shooting Out Of Necessity, Rather Than Entertainment.