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ISBN 9788189766207
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ISBN 9788189766207

Vitasta Publishing

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788189766207

ISBN-10 8189766201


Number of Pages 326 Pages
Language (English)


A user of MRP System is always anxious to balance total aggregate (or units) lateness with total cost (sum of the inventory carrying cost and the set-up cost). This book seeks to give better solutions to managers managing MRPsystems in manufacturing organizations. It introduces the concept of multi-pass heuristics in MRP context and shows that in variety of conditions of the shop floor (such as high and low variations in machine utilisation) these (multi-pass given in this book) can be applied togive better performance on the criterion of total aggregate (or units) lateness with insignificant rise in total costs. About Author : R R K Sharma is heading the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, IIT, Kanpur, for the ppast over two years. A PhD in management from IIM, Ahmedabad, to IIT students for the last over 18 years. Well versed with all the facets of management, he has unique ability to integrate different areas of the subject. To date, he has written over 33 papers in international/national journals. Contents : Preface 1. Material Requirement Planning (MRP) System 2. Multi-pass Heuristic for Improved Stockout Performance in MRP System 3. Heuristic for Securing Coordinated Scheduling in MRP 4. A Sequencing-based Multi-pass Heuristic for Improved Performance in MRP Context 5. Heuristic to Modify Lot Sizes to improve Performance in MRP Context 6. Multi-pass Heuristic for Improved Performance in MRP Systems with Capacity Imbalance 7. Lot-size Rule for Improved Performance in Pure Assembly System Incorporating Set-up, Holding and Shortage Costs 8. Application of Genetic Algorithm to Single-level Lot-sizing Problem with Shortage Costs 9. Multi-pass Heuristic for Improved Performance in MRP Systems with Large Variation in Capacity Utilisation of Machine Centres 10. Comparative Ranking of Different Multi-pass Heuristics in the Context of Large and Small Variation in Capacity Utilisation of Machine Centres 11. A Summary on Few Works on MRP Systems Appendix 1 Products Structures used in Research Problems Appendix 2 Simulation Program for MRP System in PASCAL

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