ISBN 9789381970119,MCO 3 Research Methodology And Statistical Analysis

MCO 3 Research Methodology And Statistical Analysis



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381970119

ISBN-10 9381970114


Number of Pages 303 Pages
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MCO3 Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Research and Data Collection Unit1 Introduction to Business Research Unit2 Research Plan Unit3 Collection of Data Unit4 Sampling Unit5 Measurement and Scaling Techniques Block 2 Processing and Preservation of Data Unit6 Processing of Data Unit7 Diagrammatic and Graphic Presentation Unit8 Statistical Derivatives and Measures of Central Tendency Unit9 Measures of Variation and Skewness Block 3 Relational and Trend Analysis Unit10 Correlation and Simple Regression Unit11 Time Series Analysis Unit12 Index Numbers Block 4 Probability and Hypothesis Testing Unit13 Probability and Probability Rules Unit14 Probability Distributions Unit15 Tests of Hypothesis I Unit16 Tests of Hypothesis II Unit17 ChiSquare Test Block 5 Interpretation and Reporting Unit18 Interpretation of Statistical Data Unit19 Report Writing QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2009 2. Solution Paper June 2010 3. Solution Paper Dec 2010 4. Solution Paper June 2011 5. Solution Paper Dec 2011 6. Question Paper June 2012 7. Question Paper Dec 2012 8. Question Paper June 2013 9. QUestion Paper Dec 2013