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MEC-006 Public Economics



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381970539

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MEC-6 Public Economics CONTENTS COVERED Chapter1 Public Economics: The Basic Concepts Unit1 Welfare Foundations of Economic Policies Unit2 Theory of Market Failure Unit3 Voting and Local Public Goods Chapter2 Social Choice and Collective Decision Making Unit1 Arrow's Impossibility Theorem:Social Choice and Individual Unit2 Normative Models: Equity and Justice Unit3 Spatial Voting Models Chapter3 Public Policy: Mechanism Design, Agenda Setting and Information Unit1 The Basic of Public Policy Unit2 The Basic of Public Policy Unit3 International Policy Coordinator Chapter4 Economics of Taxation Unit1 Commodity Taxes Unit2 Direct Taxes Unit3 Introduction to Optimal Taxation Chapter5 Public Debt Unit1 Theory of Public Debt Unit2 Sources of Public Debt Unit3 Management of Public Debt Chapter6 Fiscal Federalism Unit1 Fiscal Federalism and Fiscal Policy Unit2 Equity and Efficiency Issues Unit13State and Local Goods QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution PaperDec 2010 2. Solution Paper June 2011 3.Solution PaperDec 2011 4.Solution PaperJune 2012 5. Solution PaperDec 2012