ISBN 9780745670560,Media Sociology

Media Sociology


Pluto Press



Pluto Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780745670560

ISBN-10 0745670563


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)
Where is sociology in contemporary media studies? How do sociological questions and arguments shape media analysis? These are the questions addressed in this timely collection on media sociology. Sociology was fundamental in defining the analytical boundaries of early media studies, from the study of news and communities to media effects and public opinion, in the first half of the last century. Since then, media sociology has experienced significant changes that have led to new theoretical questions and thematic priorities. This book aims to reassess the past and present relationship between media studies and sociology. With original contributions from leading scholars, Media Sociology: A Reappraisal examines the significance of sociology for the study of media economics, industries, news, audiences, journalism, and digital technologies, and the links between media and race, gender, and class. As a whole, this muchneeded volume takes a retrospective view to trace the evolution of media sociology and assess current research directions.