ISBN 9781850706854,Medical Knowledge for Fun

Medical Knowledge for Fun



Routledge a Taylor & Francis Group

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9781850706854

ISBN-10 1850706859


Number of Pages 108 Pages
Language (English)

Allied Health

This book contains valuable medical information - some generally known, some obscure - entertainingly and humorously presented in 50 topical quizzes of 10 questions each. Detailed answers are given on pages following the questions. The quiz sections range from old wives' tales, myths, and mysticism to vital statistics, human geometry, and clinical judgment. As its pseudonymous author says, This book has been written in a light-hearted fashion to impart the maximum number of facts with the minimum amount of effort. The quizzes embrace a very wide field. Don't worry if a number of questions stump you - merely look up the answers and learn from them. Each quiz is framed for your enjoyment. The acquisition of knowledge in such an interesting field can only be one of considerable pleasure.