ISBN 9789381690635,MEG 4 Aspects Of Language

MEG 4 Aspects Of Language



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381690635

ISBN-10 9381690634


Number of Pages 358 Pages
Language (English)

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MEG 4 Aspects of Language CONTENTS COVERED Chapter 1 What is Language? Unit1 The Nature of Language Unit2 Looking at Data1 Unit3 Looking at Data2 Unit4 Language and Thought Chapter 2 History of English Language Unit1 An Introduction Unit2 Changes in Sounds and Spelling Unit3 Changes in Vocabulary Unit4 Changes in Grammar Chapter 3 English Phonetics and Phonology Unit1 The Speech Mechanism Unit2 The Description and Classification of Consonants and Vowels Unit3 Phonetic Transcription and Phonology Unit4 The Consonants of English Unit5 The Vowels of English (R.P.) Unit6 Word Accent, Stress and Rhythm in Connected Speech Unit7 Intonation Chapter 4 English Morphology Unit1 The Study of Words Unit2 Wordformation in English1 Unit3 Wordformation in English2 Unit4 Wordformation in English3 Chapter 5 English Syntax Unit1 Basic Notions of Syntactic Constituents and Phrase Structure Unit2 Types of Clauses and Sentences Unit3 Grammatical Functions, Cases, and Thematic Roles Unit4 Thy Syntax of Inflectional Elements: Tense & Agreement Unit5 Pronouns, Reflexives, and Other Bound Elements Unit6 Syntax of Scope: Adverbs, Quantifiers, and Negation Chapter 6 Language in Use1 Unit1 Introduction to Sociolinguistics Unit2 Speech Community and Multilingualism Unit3 Bilingualism Unit4 Language Standardization Chapter 7 Language in Use2 Unit1 Multilingual Use of Codes Unit2 Language Planning Unit3 Conversational Analysis Unit4 Learner Factors in Second Languages Acquisition1 Unit5 Learner Factors in Second Languages Acquisition2 Chapter 8 The Spread of English Unit1 Variation And Varieties Unit2 Consolidation and Standardization of English Unit3 The Spread and Rise of Englishes Unit4 Indian English QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June 2002 2. Question Paper Dec 2002 3. Question Paper June 2003 4. Question Paper Dec 2003 5. Question Paper June 2005 6. Question Paper Dec 2005 and more