ISBN 9789381690642,MEG 5 Literary Criticism & Theory

MEG 5 Literary Criticism & Theory



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381690642

ISBN-10 9381690642


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MEG5 Literary Criticism & Theory CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 An Introduction Unit1 Literature, Criticism And Theory Unit2 Overview of Western Critical Thought Unit3 Twentieth Century Developments Unit4 The Function Of Criticism Unit5 Indian Aesthetics Unit6 Resistance To Theory How To Read A Reader Block 2 Classical Criticism Unit1 Features of Classical Criticism Unit2 Plato on Imitation and Art Unit3 Aristotle's Theory of Imitation Unit4 Aristotle's Theory of TragedyPart I Unit5 Aristotle's Theory of TragedyPart I Unit6 Criticism as Dialogue Block 3 Romantic Criticism Unit1 Romanticism Unit2 Wordsworth : 'Preface' to the Lyrical Ballads Unit3 Coleridge : Biographia Literaria Unit4 P.B. Shelley : A Defence of Poetry Block 4 New Criticism Unit1 I.A. Richards Unit2 T.S. Eliot Unit3 F.R. Leavis Unit4 John Crowe Ransom and Cleanth Brooks Unit5 W.K. Wimsatt Unit6 Conclusion Block 5 Marxist View Of Literature Unit1 Marxism and Literature Unit2 Society and History: Marxist View Unit3 Representing and Critiquing Society: Superstructures Unit4 Commitment in Literature Unit5 Autonomy in Literature Unit6 Literature and Ideology Block 6 Feminist Theories Unit1 Features of Feminist Criticism Unit2 Mary Wollstonecraft: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Unit3 Virginia Woolf: A Room of One's Own Unit4 Simone De Beauvoir: The Second Sex Unit5 Elaine Showalter: 'Feminist Criticism in the Wilderness' Unit6 Feminist Concerns in India Today Block 7 Deconstruction Unit1 Roots: New Criticism and Structuralism Unit2 Beginning Deconstruction Unit3 Implications Unit4 Deconstructing Poetry Unit5 Deconstructing Drama Unit6 Reassessing Deconstruction QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June2005 2. Question Paper Dec2005 3. Question Paper June2006 4. Question Paper Dec2006 5. Question Paper June2007 6. Solution Paper Dec2007 7. Solution Paper June2008 8. Solution Paper Dec2008 9. Solution Paper June2009 10. Solution Paper Dec2009 11. Question Paper June2010 and more