ISBN 9789374735114,Mein Kampf: My Struggle

Mein Kampf: My Struggle



Aitbs Publishers And Distributors

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789374735114

ISBN-10 9374735113


Number of Pages 631 Pages
Language (English)

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Few Names Rankle The Minds Of Most Of The World'S Populace Like The Name Of Adolf Hitler. Through His Actions And Principles, He Became A Tyrant Like No Other, A Dictator Whose Name Still Sends Shivers Down The Spines Of Those Who Have Known Friends And Family They Lost To His Maniacal Cause. Yet, How Could One Man Embody So Much Hatred? How Did Hitler Go From Being A Prospective Artist And Solicitor Of Lowly Political Groups To The Single Most Powerful Man Of His Time? How Did This Man Who Owed So Much To Jews Come To Hate Them? Written During His Incarceration At Landsberg Prison, This Memoir Reveals Hitler'S Motivation And Reasons For His Genocide. He Talks Of His Anti-Semitic Beliefs, And His Views That Most Of The Problems Of Germany And The Unfair Treaty Of Versailles Stemmed From The Fact That Jews Were In Control. He Laid Down The Very Principles He Would Use To Reinvent The Nsdap Party Upon His Release Five Years Later. Here, Readers Will Discover The Making Of The Dictator Who Drove Countless Men, Women And Children To Their Deaths In Sombre Gas Chambers. Through His Words, Readers Will Discover How One Man Could Use A Symbol Such As The Swastika And Befoul It To Become One Of The Most Hated Symbols In Europe And The Entire World. Here, Readers Will Witness The Making Of A Man Who Would Become The Direct Cause Of Mankind'S Greatest Failure: The Second World War.

About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler Was An Austrian-Born German Politician And The Leader Of The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nsdap Or Nazi). Hitler Was The Chancellor Of Germany Between 1933 And 1945, As Well As The Dictator Of Nazi Germany From 1934 To 1945.