ISBN 9780007272181,Mel Beeby Agent Angel Losing The Plot

Mel Beeby Agent Angel Losing The Plot



Harpercollins Publisher

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780007272181

ISBN-10 0007272189


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)
The second title about Melanie Beeby, the time-travelling, trouble-shooting angel. She?s feisty, witty, streetwise but definitely dead. She?s sent on a mission to Shakespearean England to make sure England doesn't lose out on the man of the millennium! New-look cover for an angelic series rebirth! Mel has now passed her exams to become a full member of the Agency ? the specialist team of trouble-shooting, time-travelling angels. She?s not always happy and often thinks about her life, and of her mother back down on earth. But when she, Lola ? her best-angel friend ? and Reuben are sent on a mission to Shakespearean England, she realises that she must be fully alert and on the ball, if England is not to miss out on the greatest play-writing talent the earth will ever come to know. A robust adventure for the angel team featuring pirates, smugglers, wicked 16th century plots and plenty of sweet words. Friendships are made and broken ? hearts too, in the second of these lively titles.