ISBN 9789381066157,MHI 8 History Of Ecology And Environment In India

MHI 8 History Of Ecology And Environment In India



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381066157

ISBN-10 9381066159


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

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MHI 8 History Of Ecology And Environment In India CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Studying Ecology & Environment: An Introduction Unit1 NatureHuman Interface Unit2 Indian Landscape Unit3 Sources of Study Block 2 Environment and Early Societies Unit4 Resource Use and Human Societies Unit5 HuntingGathering Unit6 Nomadic Pastoralism Block 3 Environment and Agricultural Societies Unit7 Origins of Agriculture Unit8 River Valley Civilisation Unit9 Agricultural Diffusion and Regional SpecificitiesI Unit10 Agricultural Diffusion and Regional SpecificitiesII Block 4 Appropriation of Environment Other Forms Unit11 Energy Resources Unit12 Water Resources Unit13 Forest Resources Unit14 Metal & Mineral Resources Block 5 Indian Philosophy & Environment Unit15 ManNature Relationship Unit16 Conservation Through Ages Unit17 Transitions Block 6 Colonialism and Environment Unit18 Understanding of Environment Unit19 Environmental Agenda Unit20 Resource Management: Forest Unit21 Resource Management: Water Block 7 Modern Concern Unit25 Development and Environmental Concerns Unit23 Biodiversity Unit24 Environmental Resources and Patents Unit25 Alternatives QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June2008 2. Solution Paper Dec2008 3. Solution Paper June2009 4. Solution Paper Dec2009 5. Solution Paper June2010 6. Question Paper Dec 2010 7. Question Paper June 2011 8. Question Paper Dec 2011 9. Question Paper June 2012 10. Question Paper Dec 2012 11. Question Paper June 2013 12. Question Paper Dec 2013