ISBN 9788120328181,Microcomputer Engineering

Microcomputer Engineering



Prentice Hall Of India

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788120328181

ISBN-10 8120328183


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 592 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

This is a complete textbook as well as laboratory manual focusing on microcomputers, and micro-processors used as control devices. Avoiding redundant and unnecessary details, examples are used to demonstrate conceptual ideas. The book is suitable for an introductory course on microcomputers at the undergraduate level. Table Of Contents Preface. 1. Computer Fundamentals. 2. Instruction Subset and Machine Language. 3. Assemblers and Assembly Language. 4. Program Structure and Design. 5. Advanced Assembly Language Programming. 6. Hardware. 7. Advanced 68HC11 Hardware. 8. Real-time Operating Systems. 9. Real-time System Design. Appendix- A. The 68HC11 Instruction Set. B. Hardware Control Registers. C. The Motorola M68HC11EVB, EVBU, and EVBU2 Microcomputer Trainers. D. Answers to Selected Exercises. General Index.