ISBN 9789383928552,Miss Angelina's Class! No, No, No

Miss Angelina's Class! No, No, No



Young Angels International

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383928552

ISBN-10 9383928557

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Number of Pages 16 Pages
Language (English)

Literary studies: poetry & poets

Every child has fears in varying degrees. It is the role of the parent to reassure a frightened youngster. The ability to do this well, can result in the child feeling secure and safe in his present and later life. Angel Stories are a tool for parents to help their children understand that all their fears and apprehensions can very easily be dealt with. This special collection of stories will teach children how simple it is to deal with study pressures, the bullies in the school, their fears of getting lost, darkness, sleeping alone, and many more such emotions. About This Book: Sonya is scared of monsters. One day she is chased by a monster. What happens then? Read this Angel story and learn to overcome the fear of nightmares and monsters.