ISBN 9788170494744,Mission R&AW

Mission R&AW


R. K. Yadav


Manas Publisher



Manas Publisher

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788170494744

ISBN-10 8170494745

Hard Back

Number of Pages 543 Pages
Language (English)

Theory of warfare & military science

In this book, R. K. Yadav reveals covert information about the Research and Analysis Wing and several of its actions and decisions throughout the years. He professes that this information is authentic and true and goes on to reveal that not all is under control in R&AW. He gives the example of how when Indian names were drawn into the spotlight during an illegal arms deal, the names of Congress Party members were withheld. He also talks about the emergency and how Indira Gandhi refused the Nepali King's offer of asylum for Rajiv Gandhi on the direction of the wing. He also talks about some of the darkest moments of the wing, such as when an ex-Prime Minister delayed permission to R&AW to free foreign tourists from the clutches of Al-Faran militants. A revealing look into one of India's most covert installations, this book professes to tell-all and showcase the darker side of Intelligence.

About R. K. Yadav

R. K. Yadav is a former Indian Intelligence agent, employed in the Research and Analysis Wing. He served on the China desk, Rajasthan and Punjab.

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