ISBN 9788129118684,Modern Baby Names: For A New India

Modern Baby Names: For A New India


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129118684

ISBN-10 8129118688


Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)


Modern Baby Names: For A New India provides the meaning, origin, and phonetic pronunciation of different modern-day Indian names for babies. Summary Of The Book Modern Baby Names: For A New India, published in 2011, is a book that contains hundreds of Indian names. This book of full of creative inspiration, and is very useful to new parents. The author of Modern Baby Names: For A New India first explains to readers how to use this book. She says that each name comes with its meaning and phonetic pronunciation. The gender of the name is denoted by M for male or F for female, and the origins are marked by A for Arabic, S for Sanskrit, P for Persian, and so on. In order to ensure that the parents know how easy each name's pronunciation by foreigners will be, Swarup has added a three star system. A single star denotes that the integrity of the sound is lost. Two stars mean that the name is taken up quite easily by foreigners, and three stars represent that the name is pronounced in its completeness. This section of Modern Baby Names: For A New India is then followed by a Guide to Phonetics. Here, readers will see that names can be personalized by replacing an i with two e's, or the letter k with a q. Modern Baby Names: For A New India covers different cultures, which illustrate how names are chosen in different countries. In many western civilizations, a baby is named after a deceased family member. In Italy, a child is often named after his or her grandparents. Many Catholics name their children after saints, whereas Jews never name a baby after a living person. Parents in China look at different factors like meaning, birth date and time, astrology, and elements. Indians, much like the Chinese, put in a lot of effort in selecting names. Parents consult relatives, read religious texts, find names of great men and women, and also take into account the birth date and time of the child. In today's globalized world, parents also need to choose names that sit well with foreign pronunciation. Modern Baby Names: For A New India is filled with Indian names that are anchored to the past but also pay heed to the future. About Radhika Dogra Swarup Radhika Dogra Swarup is an Indian writer. The author spent her childhood in India, Pakistan, England, Italy, Romania, and Qatar. She graduated from the Cambridge University, and then worked in the financial sector. Swarup has written short stories for the Edinburgh Review. She lives with her family in London.