ISBN 9780007527731,More Meerkat Madness

More Meerkat Madness



Harpercollins Publisher

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780007527731

ISBN-10 000752773X


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)
Wup! Wup! Wup! Action stations! The Really Mad Mob of meerkats is on the move again in another animal antics adventure. Mimi, Skeema and Little Dream are unhappy when Uncle invites a fluffy, stranger to join the Really Mad mob. So when Little Dream dreams that their missing mama is calling him, the kits set off to search for her. But a lost lion cub has other plans for them. Join the meerkat kits on a crazy adventure across the Kalahari desert. About the Author Ian Whybrow's many popular successes range from picture books to novels for older children. Best known for his original humour, he has a brilliant ear for voices, and takes pride in the fact that his work reads aloud very well. 'I loved being read to as a child,' he says. 'And I loved the sense that my parents were enjoying it too. For me, that's the acid test for any book that there's something in it for everyone to Enjoy.