ISBN 9788121615785,More Teaching Stories

More Teaching Stories



Life Positive Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788121615785

ISBN-10 812161578X

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Number of Pages 224 Pages
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Short stories

Stories are eternally popular. They remain the best way to convey a teaching. As the mind opens up to let in the story, the teaching slips in too. Working its way insidiously into the contents of our consciousness, it eventually contrives an understanding. The truths that lay at the heart of these stories help us understand ourselves, life and God. They give us tools to negotiate our way through life and to come to terms with its many challenges. Our collection of 'Teaching Stories' culled from the wisdom traditions of the world include Sufi, Zen, Hindu, Folklore and other sources. Of special interest to the seeker, the trainer and the teacher, this collection will appeal to the child in all of us.

About the Author
Jamuna Rangachari is a writer based in Mumbai, India. Her main interests include positive values, spirituality and holistic living. She has authored two books for children, One (Rupa and Co, 2005), a collection of short stories on all the world religions, and The Magic Liquid (Rupa and Co, 2005), an adventure tale with a sprinkling of values. 'More Teaching Stories' is an extension to the compilation of 'Teaching Stories' earlier brought about by her. She is a regular writer with the Life Positive magazine. Her articles have also been published in Daily News and Analysis, New Woman and Times of India among others.