ISBN 9788172343880,Move On Bunny! The uproarious escapades of bunny kapoor

Move On Bunny! The uproarious escapades of bunny kapoor


Vivek Atray



Prakash Books India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788172343880

ISBN-10 8172343884


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


Bunny Kapoor, a dashing and confident ladies' man, is determined to succeed in the big-bad world. But the problem is that Bunny has a strong predilection for landing up in sticky situations with pesky bosses and difficult women!

Luckily, he also has the happy knack of wriggling out of each one. To help him out of the soups he manages to land himself in, Bunny banks on two companions-lady luck and the knack of winning the day!

When thing become too hot to handle, Bunny just moves on to a different city and a new job. Mostly, a new girl too!

Bunny manages to smile when the chips are down, to score when it

counts and to escape when nece ssary. Bunny wins many hearts during his amazing journey and vanquishes several opponents.

Delhi, Mumbai, chennai, Banglore and Kolkata-Bunny aces them all in his own style.

He chucks away previous trophies without flinching. Newer vistas beckon. He moves on. Ever on!

Will Bunny at last get the girl and job of his dreams and settle down? Well, Bunny Kapoor is his own man, and no one can tell!