ISBN 9789381066355,MSO 003 Sociology of Development

MSO 003 Sociology of Development



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381066355

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MSO 3 Sociology Of Development CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Approaches to Sustainable DevelopmentI Unit1 Development and Progress: Economic and Social Dimensions Unit2 Change, Modernization and Development Unit3 Social, Human and Gender Development Unit4 Sustainable Development Block 2 Approaches to Sustainable DevelopmentII Unit5 Modernization Unit6 Liberal Perspective on Development Unit7 Marxian Perspective on Development Unit8 Gandhian Perspective on Development Block 3 Approaches to Sustainable DevelopmentIII Unit9 Dependency Theory of Underdevelopment Unit10 Social and Human Development Unit11Gender Perspective on Development Block 4 Approaches to Sustainable DevelopmentIV Unit12 MicroPlanning Unit13 Ecology, Environment and Development Unit14 Ethnodevelopment Unit15 Population and Development Block 5 Development, Displacement and Social MovementsI Unit16 India Unit17 Canada Unit18 Zimbabwe Unit19 Brazil Block 6 Development, Displacement and Social MovementsII Unit20 Economic, Social and Cultural Dimensions of Globalisation Unit21 Liberalisation and Structural Adjustment Programme Unit22 Globalisation, Privatisation and Indigenous knowledge Unit23 WTO, GATT, GATS: Capital and Human Flows Block 7 Development, Displacement and Social MovementsIII Unit24 Dimensions of Knowledge Society: Issues of Access and Equity Unit25 Critique of Knowledge Society Unit26 Changing Roles of Media and ICTs on Employment Block 8 Development, Displacement and Social MovementsIV Unit27 Dam and Displacement Unit28 Green Peace Movement Unit29 People Science Movement Unit30 Civil Society Movements and Grassroots Initiatives QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2008 2. Solution Paper Dec 2008 3. Solution Paper June 2009 4. Solution Paper Dec 2009 5. Solution Paper June 2010 6. Solution Paper Dec 2010 7. Solution Paper June 2011 8. Question Paper Dec 2011 9. Solution Paper June 2012 10. Question Paper Dec 2012