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Mulk Raj Anand



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Publication Year 2007-10-01

ISBN 9788126905867

ISBN-10 8126905867


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language English
It was September 28, 2004 when the world of literature was stunned to have lost its versatile genius, a pioneer of Indian English fiction, Mulk Raj Anand. After enjoying 99 springs of life, he passed away quietly, leaving behind a prolific literary legacy. He was not only a writer but also a political and philosophical thinker and an active humanist dedicated to the cause of world peace and universal brotherhood. His numerous novels and stories form a fictional chronicle, a record of his crusade against the social, political, ethical and moral practices which result in the oppression of the poor and down-trodden and also injustice against women, the weaker segment of society. He was a progressive proletariat and also stood for the emancipation of women. He was a philanthropist, a humanist and to some extent a feminist. His fiction reveals his faith in 'Art for life's sake' and his social commitment to expose the exploitation of the poor, the ignorant, the illiterate by the imperial masters, the village money-lenders, the unscrupulous traders, the native rulers, priests, tea-planters and above all by traditional patriarchs. Such a committed writer s work was immensely significant in bringing a change in society. The present anthology--a critical study of the socio-economic vision of Anand, is just a tribute to the great founder of Indian English fiction who has left us to meditate and ponder over the significant social issues raised by him through his fiction. The best tribute to such an artist would be to comprehend his vision of casteless and classless society based on an egalitarian creed. It is a modest attempt to keep his dream alive in today's world. Contributed by eminent writers, the twenty-one critical essays, by and large, based upon extensive research and critical examination--focus upon his social vision and humanitarian approach and, therefore, would be of tremendous use to the students of English literature, the research scholars in particular, and the