ISBN 9789382277798,Murder with Bengali Characteristics : A Novel

Murder with Bengali Characteristics : A Novel



Aleph Book Company

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789382277798

ISBN-10 938227779X


Number of Pages 204 Pages
Language (English)


A brave new voice on Indias literary scene. - Indian Express

Gripping, wildly inventive and laugh-out-loud funny.

A teacher lies dead in a small village near Calcutta. Since the Chinese took over, things in the Bengal Protectorate have been sliding from bad to worse. It looks like the work of the New Thug Society, whose members are determined to free Bengal from Chinese oppression.

Under Governor Wen, who is confused and slightly weepy, the law and order situation continues to deteriorate. Resurrected members of the Bengal politburo stalk the land, demoralizing all those who thought they were dead. The Maoists are still in the jungle and remain strangely reluctant to re-integrate with the motherland. Meanwhile, Didu has escaped, the price of fish is rising and the competent authority, undisputed ruler of India, is trying to start a war with China.

Unimpressed by the rising threat of war, which is none of his business, Inspector Li of Lal Bazaar doggedly pursues his prey. Why is Propagandist Wang so keen that he investigate something else? What are mining magnate Sanjeev Verma and his partner Agarwal up to and how is Governor Wen involved? Will Inspector Li be able to interview his suspects before General Zhou shoots them all? And why does his ex-wife keep calling, even though her new boyfriend is rich enough to have a duplicate Eiffel Tower in his garden?

Outrageously funny and wickedly imaginative, Murder with Bengali Characteristics marks the return of one of our finest comic writers.