ISBN 9788188071531,Mutawas: Saudi Arabia's Dreaded Religious Police

Mutawas: Saudi Arabia's Dreaded Religious Police


Zen Publications



Zen Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788188071531

ISBN-10 8188071536


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Islamic studies

The mutawas, the dreaded religious police of Saudi Arabia, consider themselves the supreme guardians of public morality. They are keepers of their faith the way they see it. They have the backing of the Kingdom and they are watching you - everywhere, all the time.

And, they are ruthless with anybody who does not conform to their concept of what is right and wrong.

They will come for you if you drink. If you grow your hair long. If you are seen with a female who is not a blood relative. If you are a female and dont wear the abaya or expose your hair or face or legs. If you are a female and drive a car. If you worship your own God in the privacy of your home or carry any symbol at all of your faith. Or if you are a Muslim and miss even one of your ritual prayers.

They will target you if you are a Shia, Ahmadiya or a Sufi or even a liberal Sunni or, for that matter, a Muslim from any other Islamic sect different from theirs - for they believe they are the ultimate upholders of pristine Islam.

They are the bane of all expatriates in Saudi Arabia but you need to be doubly careful if you are a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian. In which case, they will use every opportunity to coerce, cajole and bribe you to convert to their faith.