ISBN 9780755388189,My Bollywood Wedding & Saris in the City

My Bollywood Wedding & Saris in the City



Headline Book Publishing

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780755388189

ISBN-10 0755388186

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Language (English)

Literature fiction

My Bollywood Wedding - Maya Malik is all geared up for a big glamorous wedding now that she has found Mr. Perfect, Jhanghir Khan. But planning a grand wedding isn't a joke! Maya hops from one designer boutique to another, has checked out several venues, made two jet-set dashes to Dubai and Dhaka and a trip to Tiffany's. With interfering aunties, constant quarrel over dowry and a huge guest-list, Maya is losing her sanity. And to add to her woes, she is not sure about Jhanghir anymore. What will Maya do now?

Saris and the City follows the life of an ambitious and charming, Yasmin Yusuf. When Yasmin's hope for a traditional "happily ever after" in romance is shattered, she decides to get smart, sexy and super successful. She joins a new job and is given the responsibility of turning around a falling lingerie company. Yasmin has her hands full with snooty fashionistas, finicky accountants, her conservative Bengali-Muslim family. And to top it all up, Yasmin finds herself uncontrollably attracted to Zachery Khan. Will Yasmin be able to handle the tremendous pressure at work and confess her love for Zach?

About Rekha Waheed

Rekha Waheed is an English novelist, best known as the author of The A-Z Guide to Arranged Marriage. She was born to parents of Bangladeshi origin. She has also authored Master of Poverty