ISBN 9789350292358,My Days In Prison - Karagar

My Days In Prison - Karagar



Harper Collins Publishers Inc

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350292358

ISBN-10 9350292351


Number of Pages 166 Pages
Language (English)


Mahatma Gandhi charted the route for civil disobedience first by making salt at the Dandi March thus breaking the British salt monopoly, and later by boycotting British goods. Millions of Indians heeded his call. They bought and publicly set British goods on fire, exhorting others to do so as well. Urmila Shastri was one such woman who joined the Satyagraha Movement while volunteering for the Congress in Meerut. She was arrested on 17th July 1930 on charges of picketing and instigating university students against the government and put on trial. The British magistrate asked her to apologize so that he could acquit her. She chose to go to jail for six months. She went to jail again during Quit India Movement of 1942. This time she fell seriously ill, was denied proper treatment, and became witness to the inhuman atrocities freedom fighters and other prisoners suffered at the hands of the jail officials. She was released after serving her sentence. Shastri died with a smile on her face and Gandhi?s dream in her heart. Disturbing yet inspiring, Urmila Shastri?s prison diary My Days in Prison brings alive the fascinating era that led up to the freedom of India. About the Author Urmila Shastri was part of the freedom movement in India and was an active participant in the Satyagraha.