ISBN 9780091795351,My Name Is Legion

My Name Is Legion


A. N. Wilson




Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780091795351

ISBN-10 0091795354

Hard Back

Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)

Modern fiction

So it was that within minutes of Father Vivyan's soul leaving his body and soaring God alone knows where... the silence of that religious house was broken... They could hear the coarse accents of Lennox Mark shouting, "Don't you realize - you CUNT - don't you realize who I FUCKING am?"'Had Father Vivyan been killed by his own pride and fanaticism; by his belief that he could 'save' a dangerous and mentally unstable boy? Had he been killed by his own fanatical posture, his alliance with those whom the rest of the world saw as terrorists? Or had he been destroyed by the popular Press and in particular by the proprietor of The Legion, Lennox Mark? Perhaps by a bit of all those things- A. N. Wilson has written a savage satire on the morality of contemporary Britain - its Press, its politics, its Church, its rich, its underclass. His London is a bleak, if occasionally hilarious, place: murderous, randy, money-obsessed and haunted by strange gods.